Fitness Friday

Well, thank goodness we’re at the end of the week! I’m counting down my days until I can bury my toes in the sand (1 week from tomorrow!). It’s been a weird kind of week because we’ve had a visitor most of the week that has kept me a little occupied. I’d planned to post a shoulder workout today but I decided instead I’d talk about something less focused.

I’ve been good about keeping up my workouts, although I could be a lot more serious. Lately, the only time I’ve given myself a good hard workout is when I lead Bootie or Boot Camp. So I need to step those up not only in the cardio but in the strength. It’s time for me to get back to lifting weights. See, Curves machines don’t really use weights, they use hydraulics. So I definitely get a workout and I’m stronger because of it, but to really tone up my arms, I need some weight training.

I also need to get serious on my eating. See, I do well during the week, then it just falls apart on the weekend. And it’s not even that I’m always eating out on the weekend and eating bad food. Sometimes I just snack through my weekend and those calories add up fast.

So this weekend I’m planning to get a white board to stare me in the face every day so I can document my bad habits. I’m also using this weekend to determine what exactly I need to work on most. I have a number of bad habits and I know if I tackle them all at once, I’ll fail. It’s happened many many times before. So I’m going to work on one thing at a time. So I’ve got my list of bad things, I just need to prioritize.

As far as the weight training and serious working out goes…well, I’m going to keep to my Curves routine (3-4 times a week) and then at least twice a week I’m going to go with my roommate to our apartment gym and do some weight training. Since it’s getting nicer and staying light out longer and work is getting slower, I’m hoping I can also get in a good walk on those days. And I’m bringing back my long weekend walks! I sort of stopped those the last 2 weeks because I was just spent from the craziness of work and I think I needed time to be lazy and not feel like I had to do something. See, I did a fairly good job of keeping my workout routine even though I was stressed but it got to where I felt like I had to do it, and that’s the first step to failure for me.

So hopefully, as the weeks go on, you’ll see progress updates in terms of how I’m organizing my life again and some progress updates in my weight/inches lost.

When you know you have to get back on the fitness/healthy eating bandwagon, what works for you?


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