Fitness Friday: March Boot Camp

On Wednesday, I led Boot Camp. I’m trying to switch up the warm-ups a little since we’re limited to space with the circuit set up and all. I also made a pretty tough ab workout to close us out.

jog in place
jog wide
step touch with arm pull back
hamstring curl with alternating arm pull
plie squats with arms

Cardio (30 seconds each between machines)
crisscross jumps
bob and weave
jump squats
swing kicks
lunge right leg
lunge left leg
squat kicks
double knee crunch
jump rope
toe touches
plie squats
football runs
front right kick/back left kick
front left kick/back right kick
tricep push backs
curtsy squat left
curtsy squat right
speed bag
squat hold
calf raises (toes forward)
calf raises (toes out)
calf raises (toes in)
walk circuit

Ab/Thigh/Glute Work (30 seconds each)
non-stop crunches, bicycle crunches, crunches
non-stop leg lifts, butterfly kicks
non-stop pilates abductor/adductor, scissor kicks
alternating toe touch/tap
frog crunches
60s plank
30s plank


3 responses

  1. As a participant I can really feel the squats and lunges!

  2. […] serious. Lately, the only time I’ve given myself a good hard workout is when I lead Bootie or Boot Camp. So I need to step those up not only in the cardio but in the strength. It’s time for me to […]

  3. […] Monday night I led April’s Bootie Camp. While my legs didn’t feel the squats like with March’s Boot Camp, it was a high cardio workout and a lot of fun as […]

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