Fitness Friday: March Bootie Camp

Wednesday night I led Bootie Camp. I felt like February’s Boot Camp was lacking squats, so I add more squats this time.

1 walk around the circuit
2 jogs around the circuit
1 high knee around the circuit
1 kickback walk around the circuit
side reaches
warm up stretches
Cardio (30 seconds each)
In and Outs
swing kicks
toe touches
Squat kicks
front/back kick (each side)
squat hold
1-2-3 squat
single leg kick (each side)
uppercut/hook (each side)
double knees
bob and weave
jump rope
arabesques (each side)
tricep kickbacks
calf raises
walk circuit
Ab Work
20 regular crunches
15 reverse crunches
15 oblique crunches (each side)
20 scissor kicks
15 abductor/adductor
20 regular crunches
20 butt kickers (each side)
30 second supermans (each side)
2 30 second plank

One response

  1. […] lot more serious. Lately, the only time I’ve given myself a good hard workout is when I lead Bootie or Boot Camp. So I need to step those up not only in the cardio but in the strength. It’s […]

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