Fitness Friday: February Boot Camp

Tuesday night I had February’s Boot Camp. Here’s how I broke it down.

side steps followed by light kickboxing circuit with side crunches and punching
warm up stretches
Cardio 30 seconds each
In and Outs
Squat kicks
Swing kicks
Scissor jumps
Jump rope
Toe touches
Three way lunges – forward/side/back (30 seconds each side)
Fly with dead lift
Plié squats
Crunch/forward kick/crunch/side kick (30 seconds each side)
Football runs
Squat hold
smashing pumpkins
squat with side kick
tricep kickbacks
Chair pose
heel raises
walk circuit
Ab Work
30 second regular
30 second bicycle
30 second butterfly kicks
30 second leg lifts
30 second Frog crunches
30 second Scissor kicks
30 second Pilates style ab/adductor
30 second supermans
30 second planks

One response

  1. […] night I led Bootie Camp. I felt like February’s Boot Camp was lacking squats, so I add more squats this time. Warm-Up 1 walk around the circuit 2 jogs around […]

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