How do you feel about the gym and exercise?

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about exercise and gym memberships. She made an interesting point. She wants to commit to leading a more active lifestyle because to her it doesn’t make sense to use a stationary machine to make herself move. See, we were discussing the Fitbit with another friend and explaning how Fitbit has default goals, such as the 10,000 steps/day. You should reach 10,000 steps each day to be considered a person who doesn’t have a sedentary lifestyle. That’s a tall order. It’s hard to reach that many steps when you have to sit a desk for 8+ hours for your job. We both agreed that unless we take a hour long walk, we barely get half of the recommended steps in a day. That then cycled into gym memberships. Y’all know I have a Curves membership (as well as work there) and the  reason I like Curves so much is because I hate other gyms so much. I’ve never been a huge fan of treadmills and ellipticals. I just don’t like them. I find them boring and I don’t stick with them for long. Curves lets me strength train and work on my cardio without a treadmill but even if I get bored, I’m only doing each move for 30 seconds before moving on.

I agree with her point about it being silly to go to a stationary machine to move, particularly if you have to wait in line for said machine. I’ve just never thought about it quite like that, but I agree. I understand they’re a convenience for times you can’t take a walk or run but I’m not sure I see the point of those when it’s 60 degrees out and sunny. You know what I’m saying?

How do you feel about gyms and exercise? Do you prefer trying to lead a more active lifestyle or do you tend to consider exercise, just that, exercise? Personally, I think there has to be a healthy balance between the two. I want to lead a more active lifestyle and I think the Fitbit is helping me accomplish that but I also know I need some strength training that I tend to do achieve better with machines or weights and put my mind in the “gym” mindset. However, as much as I love taking walks, I also really enjoy some cardio classes/DVDs and that’s sort of the same concept as a treadmill or elliptical that I mentioned above.

As a side note, check out my Fitbit badges:

I received my helicopter badge yesterday, which means that since I’ve had the Fitbit, I’ve climbed 500 flights of stairs or the equivalent of the height at which a helicopter flies. The next milestone will be a skydiver badge (1000 flights). I really like that Fitbit gives out badges because it’s exciting to earn them.


2 responses

  1. I sit at a desk for *12* hours a day, so, yes, getting those 10K steps is near impossible. I like the gym — my building has a small one — and I use that for some of my exercise. I just started doing the Couch-to-5K training on treadmill. There’s an even an app that lets you keep track. But I also do yoga once a week and have started swimming at my rec center. All in all I get exercise 4-5 days a week which seems to counter the amount of sitting I do.

    FitBit looks really cool! I might have to look into it.

    1. 12 hours?! Whew. I think I’d be much more likely to use the gym if I had long days like that.

      The Fitbit is amazing. I’m kind of in love with it. I can’t say enough great things about it. I don’t always think it tracks my sleep the best but I think it does tell me when I’m more restless in my sleep, which is helpful.

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