My First Pot Roast

Do I have a recipe that y’all need to try?!

I grew up eating roast and I was never a huge fan because I think my grandparents always made it too dry. And because we ate it so much at my grandparents’ house, my parents rarely cooked it, even though they made it better. So it wasn’t until the last few years I started embracing roast again but I’ve never made one on my own. About a month ago I ran across a crock-pot recipe for a pot roast. It looked easy enough but I just never got around to buying the meat I needed. Yesterday I did and boy, am I glad I did!

I found the recipe at Plain Chicken. It’s called Three Envelope Pot Roast because it uses 3 envelope seasonings–Onion Soup, Italian Dressing Mix, and Au Jus. Basically you stir those envelopes into 2 cups of water and pour it over the meat and just let it cook all day. I came home today and I wish I could’ve sent the smell via text to everyone I knew. Then I took a nibble before going on a walk. Oh my. I almost ran the last half mile I was so excited to come back to eat it.

Currently, I’m waiting on the sides to cook (roasted potatoes and broccoli) but I’ve nibbled a little more. Mmmmmm. So while it cooks, I’m catching up on the blog, drinking a glass of wine, and planning tomorrow’s Boot Camp. Perfect evening.

Now, go try that roast.


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