Fitbit and My Sleep Patterns

I’ve been tracking my sleep via the Fitbit for 6 weeks now. It’s really interesting to see how many times I “wake up” or how long I actually sleep. The Fitbit tracks your sleep as a motion sensor. So I may not remember waking up so many times but it shows that my body was not truly at rest. I may have tossed and turned more. Here’s my sleep dashboard:

Click to enlarge

You can see on the side that it shows my sleep patterns over the last 30 days so I can easily see which days I had the best sleep in terms of how long I was asleep and how many times I woke up.

Weekends are usually best

I’ve had some days where I only wake up once.

Even if I went to bed at 1:20am

And I’ve had days where I’ve woken up a lot.

Seems excessive even though I slept for almost 8 hours.

Regardless of how I sleep I’ve found it’s interesting to track because usually it makes perfect sense when I see how many times I woke up. But even more importantly, I’m figuring out I really only need about 7 hours of sleep to feel great all day. I find that if I get under 6 and a half or over 8, I usually feel worse than if I get about 7 hours of sleep. So even after 6 weeks, the Fitbit is still exciting and still helping me figure out my habits–good and bad.


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  1. I was wondering what’s the difference between “total time asleep” and “time asleep” in the sleep stats.

    1. To be honest I’m not sure. There’s no difference in the stats on my log. I think there may be differences if you sleep multiple times a day. So maybe if you track/log any naps you take. I don’t take naps often and if I do, I don’t track them so there’s never any difference in my stats.

      1. Sherri, did it provide your sleep efficiency graph/charts for entire 6 weeks or it provides only for 1 day? Do you use this yet & does it help you improve your sleep efficiency? I’m planning to buy one so that I can monitor & make changes to my daily routine to get sound sleep. Your inputs would certainly be helpful. Thanks.

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