Yay for Mars, Inc.!

A co-worker sent me a link to a story I found quite interesting. A company that makes some of my favorite candy–Snickers and Milky Way Midnights–is making an effort to further reduce how unhealthy their candy can be. Mars, Inc. has released that  it will stop selling chocolate that contains more than 250 calories by the end of next year. I think this is fantastic news! Now, obviously, one can still buy 2 candy bars and eat them both in one sitting but I think many people are much more unlikely to do that than eat a King Size candy bar in one sitting. The article goes on to discuss the steps Mars, Inc. has taken in the past to improve their nutritional image. Apparently, they stopped directly marketing to kids under 12. The artcile can be found here.

I think it’s great when companies recognize that it should market to kids (and adults) differently. No, it’s not going to fix the problem the US has but it will help. I understand that people need to take responsibility for themselves and their children in terms of their nutrition but some people just aren’t educated on it. So while I don’t think it’s a fair and direct comparison to a tobacco company, I do believe that if we don’t change things in our society, one day it will be that serious. Sure, I think that’s years and years down the road but I believe it is down the road. It seems just as fast as we discover new cool workouts and get on the workout bandwagon because it’s cool or the right thing to do, we also discover the newest heart stopping/clogging food.

What do you think about Mars, Inc.’s latest initiative?


One response

  1. All this really means is they are going to make their candy bars smaller yet charge the same price… aka: ROB PEOPLE BLIND who still want to indulge! They should just stick to making HEALTHY food! LOL… yeah, that’s an oxymoron!

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