February Bootie Camp

I was completely prepared for Bootie Camp last night, but then I left my notes at home. So I did what I could remember and I left a number of exercises up to the participants. A good workout came out anyway. Here’s how it went.

2 walks around circuit
2 jogs around circuit
1 high knees around circuit
20 bent over windmills
20 hamstring kickbacks
warm-up stretches

Cardio (done for 30 seconds each in between machines)
march in place
jump twist
single leg kick (30s each side)
squat kicks
side step jumps
football runs
reach ups with shoulder, hip, knee, toe touches
swing kicks
jumping jacks
jog in place
freestyle dance
hamstring kickbacks
tricep kickbacks
bob and weave
plie squats
double knees
front/back kick (30s each side)
calf raises
cool down walk

Ab Work
20 crunches
20 oblique crunches (each side)
15 v-sits
20 pilates style hip abductor/adductor
bridge (one leg, 30s hold each leg)
30s supermans (each side)
30s plank


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