January Boot Camp Review

Monday night was January’s Boot Camp. Here’s the rundown:

2 jogs around circuit
2 rounds of walking hamstring kickbacks around the circuit
15 wood chop lunges

Circuit (each done for 30 seconds)
jump twist
plie squats with dancer arms
swing kicks
arabesque kickbacks (30s each leg)
plie squat with twist
step touch
fly with deadlift
football runs
helicopter squats (30s each leg)
tricep kickbacks
squat kicks
double knee crunches
jump rope
marching punches
calf raises
cool down walk

Ab Work (30 seconds each)
regular crunches
bicycle crunches
frog crunches
scissor kicks
pilates leg lifts (30s each leg)
butt kickers (30s each side)
supermans (30s each side)
2 planks

It was a great workout as usual!


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