I climbed what yesterday?

One of the features I love about Fitbit is that it will tell you what the amount of stairs you’ve climbed is equivalent to. It gives you perspective that’s a little more relateable. Yesterday my coworker and I did stairs at work and by the end of the day look at my dashboard:

Click to enlarge

That is just over 10,000 steps but also 15 flights of stairs! I climbed the Statue of Liberty yesterday and I never left Maryland! I really want to share some of the other graphs/charts that Fitbit but I want a few more days under my belt. Last week was kind of wonky in terms of my workload so I don’t feel I had “average” days. So this week I’m trying to even back out and get a better assessment. Once I do, I’ll share more.

I will say one thing about this tracker: even on days I’m a total bum, I’m really aware of it. For example, Sunday I wanted a lazy day. I went to the grocery store then came home and got in my pjs and spent the day watching movies and catching up on DVR. However, because I was wearing the Fitbit I saw just how lazy I was. So whenever I got on the phone with someone I paced the apartment. I didn’t come anywhere near enough steps on Sunday but I guarantee because of the Fitbit I got more than I would’ve gotten.

I love that I’m aware of how active I am (or inactive in some cases). It makes you think twice before you take that close parking spot or take the shortcut to the printer. I’ve been making it a point to take the long way to the water cooler at work and even a few extra steps add up at the end of the day.


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