Fresh Start (for a new year)

I’m not a big fan of resolutions. I like the idea of a new start but I don’t like the idea of saying, “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to not drink coffee” or “I’m going to sell my soul to be a different person.” Ok, maybe the last one is just really how I feel some resolutions sound or end up feeling like by the end of January. I love the idea of a fresh start with a new year but let’s be honest, why is January 1 any different than July 19 or December 24? Well, I mean, in the grand scheme of things?

A few days ago I was reading an article where a woman talked about how she lost a significant amount of weight and she took an approach I liked. Her motto was just, “Better every day.” I think it’s a vague kind of statement but it can be applied in so many ways. It can be eat better, work your body better, treat other people better, and just genuinely “Be better.” We can all be better people than what we currently are in some way, right? I know I can. Plus, it’s a forgiving motto. It’s a motto that says (to me) that I’m human and I’ll mess up but just try again next time. We all have bad days (unintentionally and intentionally) and all we can do is learn from them and move on and not dwell. Sometimes that’s hard because society has made us think that new weeks and new years are the times to start over but truth is, we can start over whenever we want.

So my new motto is simply, “Better every day.” The last few months I’ve been a very busy gal and I’ve realized a lot of bad habits and not so great things that can use improvement and/or change. So while I’d like to use January 1 as an “official” start (whatever that means), I’ve already begun thinking the past few days how I can be “better every day.” It’s hard for me to put some things in place while I’m away and may even take until I have a weekend off at home to officially get them going but there’s plenty I can think about and plan on.

I’m hoping to do a series of posts about what and how I’m doing once I get it all figured out and have done enough to actually talk about. So stay tuned! In the mean time…

What are some things you’ve tried when trying to get a fresh start? Tell me what worked and didn’t work.


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  1. Best wishes for everyone’s weight loss goals in 2012!

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