Busy little elf

What a day! I had a full day of work followed by leading a hour long Boot Camp, hitting the grocery store, coming home to start on the holiday baking, and wrapping presents. I thought I’d have it in me to start on my holiday cards, but I don’t. Not after making 4 pans of these:

Pretzel Hugs

In case you’re wondering, that’s about 3 and a half bags of Hershey Hugs, which is about 400 pretzel sandwiches. That’s a lot of laying out flat even pretzels and hug unwrapping.

So after wrapping some presents I decided instead of starting my holiday cards, I’d make my list of other baked goods to make and get my grocery list started. I’m going to be doing a lot of baking on Wednesday and Thursday night. The baked good boxes are going to work on Friday so I’ll be a busy little elf this week. Unfortunately, I can’t take off from my real job to do all this. In fact, my real job is extremely busy and I’m working more hours than normal. That’s part of why I haven’t been a very good blogger as of late. The other part is well, when I do have free time, I just want to have free time, you know?

Are you baking this holiday season? What are you baking? I’ve got some biscotti, some different cookies, and some sort of fudge/candy up my sleeve.


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