Not too busy, I guess

I intended to write a post about how busy I am and how I’m not sticking to my normal routine. See, this is one of our busiest times at work. We’re churning out reports like machines, except that we have to put thought into them. Top that with all the work related holiday gatherings, personal holiday get togethers, holiday things such as shopping, wrapping, and card writing and life gets busy. Sometimes too busy for a workout or a good meal or even baking, which is often my only sanity saver. Well, I went online to find some cute “I’m too busy” picture and this saying popped up,

What fits your busy schedule better, excercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?

Well, when you put it that way…I’m just an excuse maker. Of course, I have one hour a day or at least 30 minutes a day! I just choose to ignore it or fill it with what I think will make me feel better, relaxing on the couch, surfing the net, reading. Sure, those are better options some days because some days you need that more than pushing your body but most days I need that work out or that home cooked healthy meal more.

So I need to sit down with my calendar and schedule in my workouts so I’m less likely to miss them and I think I need to add a “Do it for you!” next to it. I deserve it.




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