Black Friday Shopping

For the first time ever, my family and I went Black Friday shopping in the very early morning hours. Since I’m in a small town in NC, we went to 3 stores but it was enough. We left the house at midnight after fueling up on coffee and some divine cookies. First it was Wal-Mart, which only took us 45 minutes. Then it was off to Kohl’s. Well, that wasn’t so awesome. I got what I wanted but I waited in a 2.5 hour line to check-out. It was a long line but it was also a line that wasn’t moving. It was ridiculous, really. But Belk’s wasn’t opening until 3am so we had time to kill. Then it was off to Belk’s where I was able to finally find a pair of black boots. They aren’t over the calf boots but they’re boots that I needed. I threw my black boots out at the beginning of the season because they’d seen better days. So now I have these:

Life Stride from Belk

I love them! Then it was home to bed for a few hours. After waking up starving, I was promptly fed pancakes and bacon (maybe I was starving because I smelled bacon?). Then I went back out to Lowe’s hardware and ended up coming home with a Christmas tree. My artificial tree is too fat for my new apartment and the one I found was super cheap but they only has the display left. Not a terrible thing since it fits better in my car that way and I can just take it straight from my car to my living room and set it up.

Overall, I got good deals this morning and I’m glad I went. I didn’t have anything else better to do at that time other than sleep, so why not nap away my day?

Did you go Black Friday shopping? What deals did you find?


2 responses

  1. YAY for your shopping! Hope you got everything you were hoping for.

  2. Nikki/ catfever7 | Reply

    2.5 hours waiting in line to pay. That is CRAZY and why I’d never,ever,ever go black friday shopping. Ha.

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