November Bootie Camp

Monday night I led November’s Bootie Camp at Curves. To see how the set up for Boot (and Bootie) Camp at Curves work go read this post. Here’s what the warm-up, cardio pads, and ab work looked like.

Warm-Up (followed by all over body stretches)
2 jogs around the circuit
2 high knees around the circuit
20 windmills forward
20 windmills backward

Circuit-Cardio Pad Exercises (done for 30 second intervals)
standing twist
lunges (30 seconds each leg)
front/back kick (each side 30 seconds)
squat hold
back/side tap
double knees
football run
jump rope
tap outs
hamstring kickbacks with bicep curls
bob and weave
Side lunges
squat kick
cross country skiing
toe touches
tricep kickbacks
plie calf raises
calf raises

Ab Work
20 regular crunches
15 toe touches
20 bicycle crunches
30 second scissor kicks
20 seated rotation
20 butt kickers (each side)
2 planks (30 second hold)


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