Seven Year Itch

I’ve been in Chicago since Wednesday night. I got back in town just before lunch today and I have to say, I’m glad. I was so confused as to what day it was and what time of day it was the entire time I was gone. My schedule was completely thrown off, even for a work trip. I was conducting focus groups at 7:30am on Friday morning, which was a first for me. I’ve never conducted a group that early but it worked, even though I was exhausted last night.

In between groups yesterday I was looking out the window at the gorgeous Chicago buildings and saw what looked to be a large Marilyn Monroe statue down below. I talked to our knowledgeable AV guy and sure enough, that’s what I saw. So when we were done for the day I wandered down to get a closer look.

This statue of Marilyn Monroe in her iconic pose from Seven Year Itch was 26 feet tall. Yeah. It was a little overwhelming. And yes, Marilyn had her toes painted and she was wearing underwear. One guy was having his picture taken with her and yelled to his group, “I don’t want any underwear in my picture!” I cracked up.

After that sight I decided to stroll down Michigan Ave. and window shop and enjoy the not so cold afternoon. Even though I’m not ready to decorate my house for Christmas, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that seeing the window displays and beginnings of Christmas decorations coming out didn’t get me in the holiday spirit. Y’all, I’m ready to go on Thanksgiving vacation to see my family and I’m ready to start Christmas shopping and doing other holiday themed things. Anyone else getting there, too?

While Chicago was beautiful on Friday, there was some snow on Thursday. Just a little.

It’s hard to see, but trust me, it was coming down for real.

Off to watch my Clemson Tigers!


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  1. That Marilyn statue is HUGE.

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