Cupcake Decorating

Most of cupcakes are iced by piping but sometimes I like to just play around and/or enhance the flavor of the cupcake. At the end of October I was about playing. Here are two cupcake designs that never made the blog.

Monkey Cupcakes: My oldest niece loves monkeys so when I went to visit, I took cupcakes decorated like a bunch of monkeys. Made with regular sized and mini vanilla wafers and black gel decorating icing. I could only find the kind that has a little sparkle but I think it worked out well.

Nine Little Monkeys

Get in close

Halloween Cupcakes: I had friends over one night and we ate pizza, drank wine, and decorated cupcakes for Halloween.

As much as I love being “fancy” with cupcakes, sometimes goofing around is even better.



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