What motivates you?


That’s how my morning started. Last night I was setting my alarm and tying to figure out, do I get up early to workout or do I chance working out after work? I’m really good at working out after work if I have to go somewhere other than my house to do it. But I’m not so good at it if I’m working out to a DVD at home. I do much better getting a morning workout in then. But I I also hate getting up early. But when I checked Twitter, I saw Cait getting up at 5am for her workout and I thought, I can certainly do a 5:30am wake up for a workout. Even when my alarm went off I wasn’t loving the idea of working out. But I know my tendency to wave off workouts later in the day so I allowed myself 4 minutes to lay there before rolling out of bed. Now I’m done for the day and I don’t regret it.

I was thinking about the many different things I call upon for motivation. Some are:

Knowing my workout style. I know I tend to wave off workouts after work if I’m not going to Curves or meeting someone for a walk. I get home and I just want to change in to comfy clothes and call it a day. So as much as it pains me, I need to get up early if I want it.
Exercise mantras. I recite mantras to myself. Some are things I make up, some are what I see on Pinterest, some are what I hear from others. No matter the source, finding some that work for me are key. Some of my favorites are:

Other things that help motivate me? Twitter, healthy living blogs, and most importantly a strong support group. My friends and family have to support me. It’s not just enough for me to have them say, “It’s great you worked out.” I need some of them to ask me if I worked out, to ask me what my workout was, and to just listen when I want to talk about my awesome or poor workout. I also look at my nieces and nephews and say to myself, “If for nothing else, I should do this for them.” I love those kids and I want to be healthy and awesome and powerful for them not only to teach them but to be there down the road.

What motivates you to workout and be healthy?


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