For the past few weeks I’ve been in a slump. One that’s made me not want to cook or workout like I like to. I’ve worked out but I know I haven’t worked out like I should. For one, I’m not working out as much. Some weeks I only manage once or twice in the gym. Plus, when I do work out, I’m not often pushing myself. I’ve been blaming it on being off schedule but that’s stupid. I only have myself to blame. Schedule or no schedule, there’s no excuse for not putting my all in to the workout. The not cooking has been the worst though. This means I go out to eat and then I eat horrible for me food and I always regret it. Yesterday I bought fresh fruit and veggies. I also bought things that will make me want to cook at home this week. I don’t think that will be a problem. I just wasn’t buying things to make me want to cook. Now to eat well when I go out for lunch and to not wreck the motivation come the weekend. It’s become a problem because not only do I know I’ve gained weight but my clothes don’t fit right anymore. So if it takes me going back to working out 5 days and pushing myself to do it some how, some way, then so be it. If it means waking up a little earlier so I can make my breakfast and lunch at home, then so be it. Something’s gotta give because this isn’t who I’ve become in the past year.


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