Am I just getting old?

For years I’ve had joint problems, particularly in my knees. Well, lately, I’ve been having issues with my shoulders. I thought maybe it was just the working out, so I try to take it easy when I have painful flare-ups. Well, over the weekend I went to see my brother’s adorable family. I didn’t work out and I didn’t think I over-extended my arms in any way. Sure I picked a heavy 4.5 year old up from time to time. But I never felt anything weird when I did it. Matter of fact, I never felt anything weird all weekend. Until I woke up yesterday morning. I thought my right shoulder felt pretty funny and my left one was pretty funny, too. As I drove back my shoulders got stiffer, particularly my right one. It also kept popping when I lifted it to rotate it and loosen it up. Long story short…I was in some serious pain last night but this morning I’m not hurting as bad but I’m not pain free either.

Maybe it was the combination of lifting a heavy (but cute) kid and the driving (almost 18 hours for the weekend) and maybe I’m just getting older and can’t handle that the way I could in the past. Or maybe it’s something more chronic like arthritis and well, I’m still getting older since I even entertained that thought. But whatever the reason, it stinks.

I think I just have to learn to live with the fact that I am getting older and I do have a history of joint problems and joint problems run in my family. So I need to take it easy sometimes and I need to properly take care of them because while I’m not getting any younger, my body is too young to have serious issues. Maybe this is a real kick in the pants to lose the extra weight for real this time.

Have you ever experienced any kind of joint pain?

And just to lighten the mood:
What did you do this weekend?


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