Lazy Sunday Morning

A few weeks ago I picked up a doughnut pan. I had my eye on one for a while but wouldn’t buy one. After seeing a lot of fall based doughnuts on the blog world, I bit the bullet and made the purchase. This morning I wanted doughnuts so I made some but I’m not quite happy with the recipe so I’m going to hold off on sharing. Instead I’ll tell you about my purchase yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with some friends at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival. It was a beautiful day to be outside wandering among booths and looking at all of the art, jewelry, and of course, tasting the food! I only walked away with one thing and that was from the D’Marie booth. I bought a Party in a Bag of roasted red pepper chips, Mediterranean medley dip, and frappe vino (it makes wine slushies!). For the frappe vino you just add your favorite wine and equal parts water, the mix and freeze. Then 5-6 hours later you have wine slushies. There are recipes on the site for more options using rum, vodka, etc. Kinda cool, huh?

Hart of Dixie

Is anyone else watching Hart of Dixie? I finally caught up on the first 3 episodes Friday night and I think I like it. The music is awesome (mostly country). While the storyline is a little overdone in the movies and I think it portrays the south in a crazy fashion at times but it’s still a cute show. I think with some more time, it’ll be a good show. Bonus? Some hot men are cast in this show.


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