Cupcakes and PowerPoints

My sleep last night was interrupted and my dreams were consumed by cupcake recipes and PowerPoint tips and tricks. Unfortunately, I’m not making a PowerPoint on cupcakes. That would be awesome though.

I’ve been making PowerPoint presentations and reports all week at work and I know my work life will contain a lot of that over the next few months. We’re entering our busy reporting phase at work so it’s time to have Microsoft Office consume me and likely make me batty when it inevitably crashes.

I’ve recently been commissioned to bake cupcakes for 3 separate people plus I’m likely baking cupcakes tonight for a co-workers birthday. I want to experiment a little tonight and for one of the events I’m thinking of possibilities before picking one.

So between PowerPoint and cupcakes, I kept waking up. At least one of those things is fun? Well, ok, cupcakes are not as fun at midnight if I’ve been asleep for a while already.

So let’s hope tonight I’ll have new cupcakes to share with you!


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