October Football

Yesterday we got to Blacksburg, VA around 2:30…about halfway through tailgating festivities. We started eating delicious tailgating food (southwest eggrolls and burritos) and drinking a lot of seasonal beers. After a while it was time to layer up and head over to the stadium. October 1 brought a cold dreary day to these parts. At one point during the tailgating, we saw small snowflakes! Seriously?! With a 6pm kick-off we knew it was going to be a cold night.

Warming Up

I had on a sweater, a hooded sweater, a rain jacket, a sweatshirt hoodie, and jeans. I was cold! I forgot how cold October football games can get. But you know what? It doesn’t matter because my Tigers won! Clemson has had a tough few years and they haven’t been the greatest team but they’ve done well this year and last night they looked great and I was proud to be a Clemson Tigers fan.


After waking up this morning, we left our hotel and headed back home. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, which never disappoints me. We got home just before Sunday football kicked off. I made a grocery list then promptly sat down on my new couch and tried it out for napping. After a quick-ish nap, I went out to get groceries for the week. I’m planning on chili and pumpkin pasta bake. It’s getting cold, so I’m making cold weather food!

What are you doing with your Sunday?



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