New Restaurant in a Familiar Place

Yesterday I got up early and headed to the airport for my last summer travel season trip. This one is a fun one. I’m back in my home state of Georgia and more specifically, my college “town” of Atlanta! My coworker was scheduled to be in Atlanta at 6pm and I scheduled my flight to be in at 10:30 so I could go spend the day with a college friend and her new baby. It was a delightful afternoon! I loved meeting the perfect baby she and her husband created and I loved getting to spend the day with her catching up and reminiscing. Once I had to leave, I picked my coworker up and made the drive to the other side of town to our hotel. We’re staying near Lenox Mall, which I went to more often than I had money for in college. For dinner we went to a place across the street called Truffles Cafe. It wasn’t here when I lived here but it was a great choice! The food was reasonably priced and really tasty. I started with a pear and elderflower martini. Sounds odd? It tasted like I bit into a ripe juicy pear. We ordered house salads to start, too, and they were huge and fresh! Plus there was french bread with a garlic and green onion butter. Phenomenal. For dinner I ordered the Crispy Chicken. The description for it read:

Fresh bone-in chicken, fried, tossed with a fresh ginger and soy vinaigrette, served with truffle macaroni and cheese, seasonal vegetables

Well, I was sold. The portions were huge and it was comfort food with a twist. The chicken was moist and flavorful all the way through. It wasn’t too breaded but I could tell it was a light breading that was gently pan fried. So good.

As much as we were feeling full, we wanted dessert. We’d peeked when we were ordering and made the decision to do dessert instead of an appetizer. I ordered the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie.

Graham cracker crust, peanut butter mousse, dark chocolate, whipped cream

The mousse was light and rich and melt in your mouth. The dark chocolate was slightly melty but firm. I want another piece for breakfast.

I’ve got some work to do this morning but we’ll explore some this afternoon before we have to work this evening. Then we’ll find somewhere local for dinner. I’m really glad to be back in Atlanta and in Georgia. As much as I see Maryland as my home, I feel home every time I land at the Atlanta airport. It tugs at my heart and I never want to leave. It was also really nice to tell the rental car company yesterday that I didn’t need a map. It’s the little things.


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