Preparing for a Bake Day

A while back I did the 10lb Slimdown and I told y’all about the latest addition of Xtreme. Well, I knew I wanted a lower body this workout but I’ll be honest and tell y’all I was a little scared of doing the Xtreme Lower Body. So I went back to the regular ol’ Slimdown Lower Body. That’s a 20 minute circuit workout and it’s tough! I laid on the floor for a few minutes after completing it because I was spent! Chris Freytag really isolates a muscle and wears it down until it’s burning and you’re huffing and puffing between screaming. Light hand weights are used as resistance but they don’t have to be used at all. The circuits are tough and there are beginner moves and paces that can be followed but it can be a much tougher workout. It’s definitely a workout that you can get as much out of it if you want to put some muscle and grit into it.

Now that I’ve done a workout that will have my lower body screaming later today, I can prepare for a day of baking. I have plans for cookies and brownies.


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