Busy day of fun

I have quite a busy day planned for my second and last day of my staycation. I started with making some cupcakes, which I’ll share once they’re frosted. Then I started making my breakfast. I’ve been craving a wafflewich breakfast sandwich. Don’t ask me why because I’ve never actually made one…or had one come to think of it. But the thought of it over the weekend sounded great. This morning it looks great:

All I did was toast up 2 Kashi waffles, make 2 eggs over easy and slide them on the waffles with a slice of cheese. Easy and quite delicious. It hit my craving for sure.

I used to buy frozen waffles a lot. But that was when Trader Joe’s had banana waffles and I could make peanut butter banana waffle sandwiches to go! Then I just stopped buying waffles because, they’re really not my thing. I’m more a french toast girl than I am waffles or pancakes.

I have a lot I want to do today. I need to return some boots and I’d like to go do some other clothes shopping. But I’d also like to be home by early afternoon so I can just do a bunch of nothing. I’d intended to workout this morning but the baking bug bit me earlier than I thought. So I’ll probably do a workout once I’m home.

The good news is that my shoulder/neck feels better. It’s still sore but nothing like the past few days when I’ve woken up. So I think it’s on the mend. A little easy workout today and tomorrow and I’ll hopefully be good as new!

What did you have for breakfast?


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