On Saturday I woke up with quite a pain in my shoulder/neck/back. It hurt to turn my head left and I decided it was just stiff, I could work out through it. So I did and it was fine…mostly. I tried taking some Aleve and that did nothing to fight the pain. I stretched it and figured I’d go to bed and I would wake up fine. Well, Sunday came:!/southernsherri/status/115436317327884288

Clearly, I was not better. I was in a lot more pain. So I babied it all day with heat and more Aleve (that did nothing) and Icy Hot. I went to bed again thinking it would be fine. Well:!/southernsherri/status/115662051833159680

Miserable sleep last night. I only felt I could sleep on my back but that’s not my natural sleep position so every time I turned over I woke up either freaking out I’d be in pain or I was already in pain. When I posted that last tweet I’d only been “asleep” for 4 hours and got up and applied more Icy Hot. Finally at 6am (on my day off) I just got up. I hurt, but not as bad as yesterday. Now, for my confession.

I worked out this morning, too.

I know I shouldn’t have. Working out through a strained/pulled muscle is a no-no. I know this but I felt like if I stretched and tried to move it around, I’d feel better. You know what? After a very light, self-attentive workout, a hot shower, and a day of moving about…I feel less pain. So I’m in no way saying workout if you have a pulled muscle but I am saying be in tune with your body and know when it may be ok to work through the pain a little.

I did have a great day though. It was full of boutique-y shopping, good food, and friends. I ended it with a home cooked meal while drinking a beer. Perfect. Tomorrow should be just as great! I love staycation days!

Have you worked out with a pulled muscle?

What do you do on staycation days?



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