Chips are down

Lately I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life that aren’t “normal” for me. Not only does my personal life feel turned upside down by trying to mend a broken heart but my professional life is a little chaotic. This summer I have traveled a lot for work and I’m still not done! Plus, this is our busy time of year at work and it leaves me a little crazy at the end of most days.

While most days I handle all of this in stride and with my head held high, I know I’ve been walking around without that pep in my step for a while now. My life doesn’t feel put together and I feel extremely uncomfortable and distressed by that. It’s not a good place to be. I know we can’t expect everything to be perfect but when you feel upside down personally and professionally, well, you just want something to make sense in life.

Only a few things make sense to me lately and those are:

  1. Working out – I not only feel strong physically when I work out but I feel stronger mentally. I have the opportunity to dump the worries of the day and empty out my mind. I can focus on my muscles, my heart rate, and other people’s day if I’m in a more social mood.
  2. Baking – Baking is a mindless activity for me. Either I just simply follow a recipe or I can experiment and focus on the outcome as I play around with flavors and look.
  3. Pinterest – I’m more than mildly obsessed with this site as you can tell. But seriously, Pinterest is where I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration for the first two things. I’m finding either workouts or exercises to add to already developed/structured workouts and I’m getting a ton of ideas for baking (and cooking). It also lets me daydream about beach and pool weather, my dream house, my dream wardrobe, and my favorite season.

Fortunately, I also have the most amazing family and friends. So even when working out, baking, and Pinterest don’t work..I can always lean on my family and my friends to help pick me up…or at least lay down on the ground with me and wait until I’m ready to get up.


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