Workout state of mind

I didn’t work out today but I did sit down and create a Bootie Camp workout for Saturday. I’ll share it after I give it but I’ll say I’m super excited about it. I was looking at this article and it gave me ideas so I decided to just write out my ideas.

The article that inspired me is called “A workout at work: 12 office exercises.” If you get past the goofy looking pictures, there are actually some good exercises to do at work and at home or the gym even. What I love about the article though is it gives a 1 to 3 rating for difficulty, sweat, and humility. The only one I’m not so sure about is jump squats because who is going to do jump squats in the office?? Not I and I have dumbbells under my desk!


In other news, LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem has been in my head all day. It makes me want to bust a move because “everyday I’m shufflin’.'”


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