College Football is Back!

College ball is back!


We went to Kloby’s, a new to us, BBQ restaurant. I was quite pleased with it. I was able to get fried okra and corn fritters. I also got a really delicious plate of pulled pork with a spicy sauce. I had a lot of leftovers so maybe they’ll make it on here in the next few days…I have ideas for the meat. We watched some of the games there and then headed home so I could play with my new laptop! Yes, I purchased a new laptop this morning and I’m in love with it. I am having to get used to the new keyboard because this one has the number pad on the right, which I love. But it offsets my typing by about an inch. I’m getting there, though.

Once home, I watched the Clemson game online. The source link above will actually take you to Clemson’s traditions page. I’ve been to a number of their home games and there is nothing like them! Now I’m watching UGA lose. Eh.

Hope you’re all having fun Labor Day weekends!


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