Staying Occupied with a Hurricane Coming

This morning I slept in a little and then we got moving to take advantage of no rain this morning. In case you haven’t heard (and live under a rock) hurricane Irene is headed this way. Personally, I don’t expect a lot of issue from it but I do expect a lot of rain, which we’re getting now.

We headed to Eggspectations (my favorite breakfast place) to get a nice hearty breakfast. I had banana french toast and bacon. Yummy! Then I did the only logical thing to do when a hurricane is coming. I went shopping. Clothes shopping. I found a pair of black flats and 3 tops perfect for switching into fall. Then we went with all the crazies and went to Target. We already had water and a giant jar of peanut butter and bread but if we don’t lose power, I need to clean the apartment this weekend. I also had to buy these since I had a coupon and because a hurricane is coming:

NEEDS for survival


Once we got home I decided it was time for me to watch Toy Story 3. I don’t know why I haven’t watched it before but I do know I did a lot of crying during this movie. I loved it, but geez, what a tear jerker.

We plan to spend the rest of the day vegging on the couch with movies. Tomorrow I’ll clean and do my real job work that needs to get done.

Hope y’all stay safe out there!

What do you do to prepare for weather?


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