Friends Are the Best

If you recall a coworker gave me baking items for my birthday. Well, I have another awesome friend who gave me a whole goodie bag full of cupcake related items:

Goodies galore!

You can see she bought me cupcake wrappers that fit my style perfectly. She also picked out cute cards and made a cute card herself. She’s so talented. Wondering about the ducks? Well, she told me the day before she gave me my gift that if I didn’t work out that night then she was going to do this to my sink:

Well, I never made it to the gym so she filled my birthday bag full of ducks.

Come in closer

She also picked out cupcake tattoos and edible spray paint. I cannot tell you how excited I am to try out the spray paint. They even rattle like spray paint cans. No doubt I’ll make a giant mess but at least my countertops are black. 🙂

But the best part?

Yep, she purchased us both certificates to attend a cupcake decorating class at a Baltimore bakery. I am beyond thrilled with this! We haven’t decided when we’re going yet but there will definitely be an update when we do. There will also be updates as I test out my new goodies.

So my birthday theme was cupcakes and I love my friends!


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