San Francisco – Day 3 (My Birthday)

Did you catch my second day in San Francisco? What about day 1 – part 1 and 2? Well, I hope you took in some of the sights because day 3 doesn’t have any. I mean, I saw them…you just won’t. Day 3 was my 30th birthday and I didn’t take my camera out. I woke up to a plethora of texts and voicemails from my east coast family and friends wishing me a happy day. Once we showered, we headed out to find brunch and mimosas. We went back to Caffe Delucchi and I had the most amazing crab cake eggs benedict and 2 mimosas that were made with fresh squeezed orange juice. Then we walked down to a cute little cafe where we bought coffee and received a free truffle. Mine was a red wine truffle and it was awesome. Afterwards we went back to Lombard Street and walked up the steep hill and then we finally went up the stairs to the top of the crooked street.

It wasn’t this sunny on Sunday morning

 Then we headed over to our new hotel and rested just long enough to figure out where we were going next. We went over to the Mission District. That required a loooong walk but it was kind of cool. We got tired so decided a light lunch and wine was necessary. We went to a cute little restaurant called Foreign Cinema that had outdoor seating that tucked away from the street. We ordered delicious small plates and 2 glasses of wine to sip and laugh over. Then we decided we were really tired and just wanted to go back to the hotel to rest. After a while we decided we wanted to nip over and buy a bottle of wine somewhere to enjoy later. So we headed back out to have dinner at The Chieftan, a Irish pub. It was delicious. We enjoyed food and drinks and then got that bottle of wine and headed back to the room to drink and laugh some more. So you could say that my birthday was filled with spirit(s).

I had a lovely birthday for day 3 in San Francisco.

Stay tuned for day 4 when I head to Napa!


2 responses

  1. ive done san francisco but not napa, i cant wait to read the next portion!

    1. Napa was such a cool place, I just wish I had more time to spend there.

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