Starbucks Bistro Boxes

When I got back last night I had a coupon for a free (birthday) Starbucks drink in my mailbox. So I decided I’d cash that in at lunch today. But I also decided to try one of their “new” bistro boxes. I went with the Chipotle Chicken Wrap box.



It includes 3 whole wheat tortillas, seasoned chicken strips (thin cut!), pepper jack cheese, lettuce, lime-cilantro slaw and tomato avocado salsa. It also comes with a small square of dark chocolate. I loved this box! It was so flavorful and didn’t taste stale in the slightest. The salsa was amazing since it had chunks of avocado. The slaw was also quite fresh and added a nice cool crunch to the wrap. They don’t wrap up so well as much as they’re like tacos. But that’s a good thing because it means there is a lot of filling for those tortillas. The dark chocolate square was also a perfect cap to the box. I often want something sweet when I eat anything with salsa or tomatoes (that aren’t in a sandwich) during a meal. So this was a perfect ending.

And with stats like these you can’t beat it.






All of their boxes are less than 500 calories with most being under 400. I’ll definitely be buying this box again and trying the others.


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