San Francisco – Day 2

Day 2 in San Francisco was pretty fun although didn’t feel as busy as day 1. That morning my friend wasn’t feeling up to exploring and we knew we had my coworker coming out to meet us at the hotel around noonish. But I didn’t want to sit in the hotel. So after breakfast I went exploring. First I did some research and found out there was a little cafe near by that I figured would give me a latte. So I walked down to Little Italy and snagged an iced almond latte that hit the spot. Then I decided I’d wander through Chinatown. I’m so glad I did.

I had a great time wandering through the street taking in the sights and sounds. The stores were fun to dip in and out of, too. Some things they sell are silly and made me giggle while others are so beautiful I was struck.

As I wandered down the street I began hearing drums. Then I noticed a crowd. Look what I’d stumbled across:

There was a class of some sort that was running the Chinese dragons and drums through the street. I felt so fortunate I was able to see something like that. I can only imagine how exciting that is when it’s a bigger event.

As I wandered through Chinatown I got the call that my coworker was almost at the hotel. So I wandered back to the hotel so the three of us could meet up and head out again. We hopped on the bus and rode down to Pier 39. I was on a mission to find the sea lions. After finding ice cream, we found sea lions.

I was so happy I was able to see them. I’d heard they left but then found out some had returned. I could’ve stayed in this spot all day watching them. They were hilarious! I love how they lay on top of each other even though there is plenty of space for everyone. At one point they got all upset when a pelican came swimming through their territory. There were some big ol’ daddies and some babies. They were awesome. I loved this part of the day.

Afterwards we walked around and headed down to the Chestnut St. and Union St. shops. I liked this part of the day, too, because it was just cute boutique shopping. Then we continued on the tour until we were back at the hotel. We were freezing by that point and ran upstairs to warm up and freshen up. Then we headed out for my unofficial birthday dinner. We went back to Belden Place and went to Cafe Tiramisu. I had amazing sea bream with a zucchini/pasta side. Delicious! We also shared wine and bread. It was a perfect way to spend my last few hours in my 20s. Then it was back to the hotel for talking until falling asleep.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a Day 3 recap!


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