San Francisco – Day 1, Part 2

I hope you saw my recap of the first half of day 1 in San Francisco. If you did, you’ve just been hanging out at the Golden Gate Bridge waiting on me to pick you back up. We had done a lot of walking already that morning and we were ready to sit for a spell. So we hopped on the bus and let the crazy tour guide take us through Golden Gate Park and tell us the tales of how the park was built and show us the beautiful scenery. From there it was over to Haight-Ashbury where we were shown where Jimmy Hendrix lived for a while near Janice Joplin and Jerry Garcia.

One side

Other side where he forever rocks out

We also saw where Jimmy’s first recording studio.

It's the yellow one!

Don’t you love how brightly painted those houses are? There are gorgeous Victorian homes throughout San Francisco, some are well kept and some could use some TLC. But these stuck out to me because they were so bright and seemed to fit right in at the Haight. Interesting side story..the street signs where Haight and Ashbury cross are higher up than most of the street signs in San Francisco. This is because those signs are stolen more than any others in San Francisco so they’re trying to deter people.

Once we left the Haight we headed over to Alamo Square where the famous (as I call them) Full House houses are. It’s actually often called Postcard Row because the row of houses here is photographed so often because the homes are beautifully kept and there’s a perfect view of the city behind them.


Yes, it was one of my favorite places to be. I think because we were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather by then and it took me straight back to my childhood tv watching days.

From there we took the tour back through the city and circled back to Little Italy. We walked down to Lombard Street so I could walk up this giant hill to see the crooked part of the street. I tried to take a picture of the hill but no picture did it justice.

Seriously, that hill was no joke. I had to stop and rest halfway up. But I noticed the city was gorgeous from my resting place so I could play it off. 🙂

What I came to see

I didn’t walk to the top since my friend was waiting on me but I couldn’t leave without taking another city picture from the top.

After I walked/ran back down the hill, we found a great little sidewalk cafe to have lunch/dinner. I had a giant “personal” pizza at Caffe Delucchi. Then had gelato (toasted coconut and peanut butter chip), which I earned walking that hill. Then back to the hotel to take it easy for the night. We went down to the hotel restaurant for appetizers and a drink but were too tired to do much else that night.

Stay tuned as I continue tomorrow with Day 2!


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  1. i love san fran its definatley one of the best cities 🙂

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