Book Review: Perfect Blend


I started reading Perfect Blend by the pool earlier in the summer. It remained a poolside book for quite some time because I just couldn’t get in to it. It was starting to disappoint me because typically I like Sue Margolis books. But after zipping through my reading list with all the travel I’ve done, I decided I would finish it on the San Francisco trip. I got about halfway through on the plane ride out and I got sucked in to it.

The book gives the background that Amy has had her share of commitment-phobic boyfriends and no longer has her successful PR job. Amy is a single mom by choice and has to work out how to balance a career and begin finding her young son a father figure. Amy works at a sophisticated coffee shop that one of her best friends owns. That’s where she meets Sam, who seems perfect..minus his connection to the competition of her coffee shop. But Sam encourages her like no other to follow her dream to break into journalism.

While the book seems to wrap up quickly, I sort of appreciated it because it became apparent how it was going to end and it was nice to have a quick wrap up. Although, there was an unexpected surprise at the end.


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