New Baking Accessories

We stumbled across an adorable kitchen store in downtown Napa so naturally I had to go in. There were so many fun things I wanted in that store but I walked away with these:

I have grand plans for all of these babies. I can’t wait to get home and bake!

If you haven’t used cupcake wrappers and you want to add pizzazz to a special set of cupcakes, then go buy some wrappers! They’re a little more expensive but they’re worth it for a special occasion. If you don’t have a special occasion but want to use them, then do that, too! They punch up everyday cupcakes and if you’re careful, they’re totally reusable. I’ve used them multiple times when I took cupcakes to work. I just asked my coworkers to give them back after they finished the cupcake. Some of the women wanted them and that was fine with me but I just made it clear that if they were going in the trash I wouldn’t make them cupcakes anymore. That had them returning them. Ha!


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