Time zone shuffle

Guess where I am?


Well, I’m not there (yet). I’m currently in the San Francisco airport waiting on my best friend to arrive. I have about a hour so I’m grabbing a snack while I wait. The flight was relatively uneventful. There was a layover in Phoenix but because San Francisco was having problems with air traffic we were delayed and about 30 minutes late deplaning. All good though.

Looking at the scenery as we flew was awesome as always. I love flying over the western part of the US. It’s so hard to fathom so much desert. And the mountains always look so cool.

I’m ready to explore the city but I’m also realizing I’m 3 time zones behind and will probably be whipped before we even start…especially because we likely won’t get to our hotel until 6:30 or 7:00.

I’m here for a few days so I’ll have plenty of time to see all the sights I’ve been told to see.


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