Good ideas gone bad

Sunday I made shrimp salad. I realized too late in the process I never bought mayo after tossing what I had from my old fridge during the move. I was “clever” and mixed nonfat plain yogurt with some mustard. Sunday this was fantastic. Today? Not so much. When I went into the container this morning the yogurt had separated as it tends to do. I worked around that and brought some for lunch anyway. Turns out that was not a great idea. It just wasn’t appetizing to me. Luckily the deli downstairs can make a mean grilled cheese sandwich, although not much else is great there. I found a bag of these in the kitcheninviting people to take one. So I did, for later.

So back to my failed attempt at shrimp salad substituting. Have you ever substituted yogurt for mayo? Did it work or not? What’s the secret to it not being gross a few days later?

Now that my shrimp salad won’t do, I need dinner ideas. What are you having for lunch or dinner?


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