Birthday Month!

Thirty years ago today MTV was born! Happy Birthday, MTV!

That’s the first video ever aired on MTV (if you didn’t know). For a list of other videos aired on the first day of MTV, go here.

MTV and I share a birthday month. I’m only a week younger than MTV. I probably heard about it and decided it was time to come out and see what this new fangled idea was all about. I’m sure that’s it.

When I was reminded of MTV’s 30 years this morning, I got excited because my 30 years is in a week. And with it being August 1, that means my birthday month has officially kicked off. The freebie emails from restaurants are rolling in already. Only one really matters: Iron Bridge. Isn’t that right, Linda? I knew I wanted to do something big for my birthday this year and luckily work helped me out with that. I’m supposed to be in San Jose, CA next week so when I found out about that, I called up my best friend from high school and we made plans to go to San Francisco a few days early! My coworker is meeting us out there on Saturday and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ll have great friends and a new city to explore. Plus, I can push off turning 30 by 3 hours. Then I have to celebrate with all those who couldn’t join me when I come back!

Happy birthday month to you, if you’re lucky enough to have August as your birthday month, too!

Do you celebrate your whole birthday month? Well, if you don’t, you should. It’s very important because you’re very important.
Did you or your siblings ever record MTV while you were at school? My brother and I did this. I don’t really know why quite honestly. Back in the day MTV was about videos and not all the shows. Maybe we thought we were missing some cool videos? Regardless, I clearly remember having more than a few VHS tapes of daytime MTV videos.




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  1. yes the most important of all is DEFINITELY iron bridge!!

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