It’s Finally Friday

I didn’t think Friday would ever get here this week! Not only because, well, it’s Friday, but it’s also the day Verizon was coming to install my cable and internet! I woke up so excited you would’ve thought it was Christmas morning.

This song has been in my head all morning though:

Anyway, this morning before I logged in to start working I drank coffee and had breakfast while perusing a magazine. After staring into my empty fridge I came up with a simple breakfast.!/southernsherri/status/96906212901265408

Seriously, y’all, it’s an amazing combination. The Laughing Cow cheese is way better than any ol’ cream cheese (and it’s lighter).

After Verizon came and went, I ran out to drop my old Comcast equipment off and stopped by Chick-fil-A for lunch. I had a hankering and nothing would do if I didn’t get my fix.

A little more work and then Curves tonight. Then it’s officially my weekend. I have a whole weekend with nothing to do. I don’t have to move, I don’t have to work. I can just play and do whatever I want. But I can say, baking will be involved.


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