Hotel Musings

This morning I woke up after a relatively fitful night’s sleep. I actually woke up at one point almost falling off the bed and with the blankets ripped off of me. I feel rested but I know I moved around a lot last night.

Once my stomach started grumbling I ran down to the Starbucks in the lobby and picked up a caramel macchiato and a chocolate muffin and called in to my morning meeting. Except for when I was on my conference call I’ve had Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels on in the background. I actually started watching this show on my trip to Kansas City back in December. I liked it but never watched it once I was home. However, if I find this show on when I’m in a hotel I become addicted and can’t turn it off. I used to do this with Saved by the Bell reruns. I loved that show when I was growing up but never watched the reruns unless I was in a hotel room.

It’s pretty hot outside so we’re staying indoors until it’s time to head out for a late lunch before our evening groups and the whole reason we’re in Dallas.

Do you have any shows you only watch in hotels?


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