Just Another Manic Monday

This morning I woke up early and hopped in the shower. Before I left for work I threw some things in to suitcases and boxes. Lucky for me my roommate rocks and is offering to take things over to the new apartment today on his lunch. But in all honesty, I left the house this morning stressed out of my mind. There’s still so much to be packed and moved over. There are times when I look around and think, “Man, it looks empty.” Then there are times I look around and think, “There’s so much stuff!!” Some how things have to be packed and I can’t take time off work right now.

Work-Life Balance

 But the thing that stressed me out this morning? All the stuff that can’t be shoved into a box and take one whole trip up the stairs on their own. You know, like the floor lamps.

I know it’ll all get done and I don’t have to have it all moved over on Thursday but I’m stressed and I’m just ready to be done. Or I think I might end up like this guy:



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