What a Trip

I’m finally in Chicago (or the suburbs of Chicago) after a not so awesome flight. It wasn’t the worst I’ve been on but it’s been a while since I’ve been so antsy to get off the plane. We were about 45 minutes late taking off and it was HOT on the plane even with the vents wide open. My seat was broken so my lower back was killing me by the end of the flight. The guy in front of me was leaning his seat back and because he was broken, too, he could lean it back further and he was taking advantage of that. The people in the row behind me talked the entire flight. Thanks to major flight time padding, we were only 15 minutes late getting in but I was hot and in pain when I got off the plane. Luckily after some walking around I felt better. I think I was just a tad grumpy because I was getting hungry.

Once getting to the hotel I literally opened my room door to this:
Yes, even the light was on like that. That’s my bathroom sink. Kinda cool, huh? There’s a bathtub/shower on the left and a rain head glass shower on the right. The room is very trendy and chic. It’s quite comfortable although my cell phone service stinks unless I stay near the window. Oh well.

We went to dinner where delicious sangria and tostadas were consumed. Now I’m cozy in my pjs in my room.

I’m planning to finish Jen Lancaster’s newest, If You Were Here. Thanks to last week’s and today’s flight I’m only a few chapters from the end. I have Tina Fey’s Bossypants for the plane ride home thanks to my coworker so I’m off!


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