New Place to Bake!

I’m too excited to hold off on showing you my new apartment so you’re getting the crappy cell phone pictures from this morning.

This is our front door. Just to the left in this picture is bedroom one (with bathroom inside).

This is the living room which leads to that cute little balcony. The balcony is bigger than my current one and there’s a storage room out there, too. I love it!!

Dining room (taken from the living room).

My new kitchen where lots of fun things will be baked. It has a different remodel than my current place has and I love it. The door you see opens to the washer and dryer.

This is my bedroom walk-in closet. It’s a little smaller than my current one but it’ll work just fine.

Here’s my new bedroom, which I have big plans for. I also love my windows. They’re longer than the windows I have now.

And the best part:

My HUGE Vanity

I could not be more excited about this vanity. My bathroom is giant and I couldn’t be more excited. This probably means I need more things.

As exciting as getting the keys to this place is, I don’t get to enjoy it long. I’m off to Chicago for a few days. But when I get back Wednesday I have plans to take some things over and this weekend I’m really going to get to work. The big move will happen next week but in the meantime I get to do fun stuff!

See y’all from Chicago!


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