Luck be a lady

So I had car troubles on Monday. We thought it was the starter. I was freaking out because I didn’t want to have to 1) spend the money to fix it the same month I’m moving and 2) didn’t want to be without my car too long. Well, this morning I go downstairs ready to call AAA to come tow it. But I try to get in and nothing. Remote doesn’t work. I have a push button start so don’t have a key attached to my remote. I have a key inside the remote so I can manually unlock it but not start it. So nothing happens inside the car once I get in. I think, “This is either really really bad or really good because it’s just a dead battery.” I call AAA and they send someone to check the battery. Apparently a AA battery had more juice than my car battery. It was dead, y’all. Real dead. They replaced my battery on the spot and I was back in business within 30 minutes. But they also taught me how to reprogram my key because initially my car wouldn’t recognize it and wouldn’t fully start up, which is the issue I was having Monday. Thank goodness for AAA.

Random Sharing

I also wanted to share what we saw in Boston on Tuesday.

Barbie's looked better

No, that was not in a thrift store window like I thought. That was in the window of a hair salon. We did not go in for a cut, color, or anything. What salon puts that in their window?


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