Workouts for Travel

My job requires me to travel relatively often. I’m out of the office in hotels less than some but more often than others. Sometimes my job has me traveling around the country more weeks than not in a short period. Like now. I’m out on travel 6 different times in the next 3 months with much of the travel occurring in one month. Sometimes I’m in fun cities, sometimes I’m not. If I’m in a larger city I can often luck out with a great hotel gym but sometimes even the nicest hotels are lacking in the fitness department. When I can I try to get outside and get my exercise in that way but I don’t always have time and sometimes the area isn’t so safe for getting out alone. So having workouts that can be done in my own room are key. So I’ve been doing my research on new traveler friendly workouts.

In the past I’ve used the ExerciseTV website and my own workouts. Another tip I like is that if you find yourself in the airport for an extended period of time, then instead of just sitting at the gate or finding snacks when you’re not really hungry, go walk around. Even if you’re not speed walking the terminal, you’re still moving and likely carrying around bags (because who wants to check bags nowadays?).

I’ve found these workouts I’d like to try out as I travel in the near future:
No Equipment Travel Workout
P90X Sampler – If you haven’t tried P90X moves, go do it. I haven’t done the entire program but I’ve tried many of the moves and I do like them. The cool thing about this sampler is it has Wacky Jacks. They look silly but they’re fun. This also has the swing kick which is one of my favorite moves (and you don’t really need a chair if you don’t want one).
Effortless Abs
Dance Your Way Slim

As I try out the above workouts I’ll post my thoughts/reviews. Or if you try them before I do, please let me know what you think!

Also, if you haven’t already go check out My Workouts page. This has links to workouts I’ve come up with myself and workouts I’ve found over the years that I really enjoy. You can also check out my Workout Log page to see what I do for my workouts each week. I keep both pages as up to date as I can so check them out often!

What are your favorite ways to stay active when you travel?


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