Lower Body Workout

After planning out my trip to the gym then the little hotel cafe for breakfast, I realized I forgot my tennis shoes. But I knew I had to workout so I decided I’d do my lower body workout. May not be cardio but at least it’s something. I’ll definitely be hitting the cardio tomorrow when I get home.

This is one of my favorite workouts to workout my lower body but it’s especially great when traveling. It’s something that can be done in the hotel gym but it’s also fine in the comfort of your hotel room in case the hotel either doesn’t have a gym, the gym is crowded, or the gym is sub-par. Just be sure to stretch out your lower body when you’re done.

Lower Body Workout

Squats (15 reps)
Plie squats (15 reps)
Dead lifts (15 reps)
Dead lifts on one leg (15 reps each leg)
Curtsy squat (15 reps each side)
Standing leg extensions (15 reps each leg)
Calf toners (forward, plie, and inverted) (25 each)
Butt kickers (15 reps each side)
Pilates leg lifts (15 each side)
Bridge (15 reps)
Scissor kicks (15 reps)
Pilates leg extenders (15 reps)

Then end with a good stretch for the lower body. Feel that burn! This workout takes me about 15 minutes minus the stretching if I only do it once. I also don’t really pause between each exercise. I shake out my legs when I felt they need it and when I do stop I keep moving. For me I feel better during a workout like this if I keep it moving and don’t stop to rest. I think it’s definitely a workout that can be kept short at 15 minutes or make it a bit longer by repeating each circuit 2-3 times.

Now that my lower body is fired up I’m going to shower and then mosey down to the hotel cafe for breakfast.


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